Another View Of The ‘Family’

Another View Of The 'Family'

Each of the 10 daughters had quite interesting personalities, some of which are used attributively to describe the Agikuyu people in the present day πŸ™‚ However, don’t take it personally.
WANJIKU- Was a hard worker but a poor dancer and a bad time keeper..(maybe that’s why you can’t dance πŸ™‚
NJERI/WACEERA- Was possessive and creative but a bit of a loner. (Quite ironic considering her name means one who travels/visits a lot)
WAIRIMU- Was a poor orator but good at seduction…
WANGARE- Selfish but a reliable promise keeper.
WAMBUI- Wambui was cyclical and never easily let go. She was quite a douber.
NYAMBURA/WAKIURU- She cast spells back in the day and gained prosperity in the dark.
WAMUYU/WAIRIGIA- (The last born) She actually never got married like her elder sisters. She stayed at home with her mom. She provided very interesting company and it was really hard to annoy them πŸ™‚
WANGUI- She loved property so much, including money, and would do anything to have more. Now you know why the people of Central Kenya are so industrious πŸ™‚
WANJIRU- She was secretive and hard to understand.
WAITHERA/WANGESHI- She loved war and was easily annoyed. Thanks to her, many earned bruises and black eyes πŸ™‚
Do you agree? Hmmhh


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