Thegu River


You even get to see palm trees in abundance, a site rare within this part of the country 🙂

Still waters 9-th

Approximately 6KM from Chaka Town, is Thegu River Fisheries. It's a privately owned 'park'. It comprises of River Thegu and a camp site located at the Mt. Kenya forest within the park.

Approximately 6km from the Nyeri-Nanyuki highway (from the junction at Chaka town), is Thegu River Fisheries. The facility is a privately owned and thus a few charges are attached to the place. The entrance fee is just Ksh 50 per person and Ksh 50 for vehicles. Within the establishment flows River Thegu surrounded by the lush vegetation of the Mt. Kenya forest within. The river meanders through the park gracefully providing breathtaking views. The landscape within is like no other.The rocks within have been naturally curved by the water currents over years.


They say there’s no need of growing up if you cant behave childish sometimes…so, enjoy the water while there. Take off your shoes and feel the water, throw rocks and enjoy the splash, play hide and seek and have fun 🙂


The ‘Milky Way’ A wonderful perspective to the flowing river Thegu through rapids.


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