Zaina Falls

Nyeri Hill

Zaina falls are located in a village called Chania on your way to Kinunga town. Matatus to this place are located at the King’ong’o stage (next to Green Oak Restaurant). The matatus are labeled Kinunga and charge Ksh60 to Chania village(viewed in the photo above). It takes around 1 hour to get to Chania village.

Chania River

Once at Chania village (alight at the last stop), you can ask for directions from the kind residents. Don’t worry though, the directions are straightforward and you’ll hardly get lost..unless you want to 🙂

Valley within

The landscape here is awesome!-The valleys, forest, rivers, tea plantation, you name it.

Yellow Flower

As you enjoy the nature walk to the falls, take a pause and appreciate the rich flora around this awesome ecosystem.

Zaina Falls

If the weather is clear and you have your trip around mid morning, you’ll get a chance to get really close to the falls and get to enjoy as the falls thunder down into a shallow pool of water like a gigantic water spout.

Zaina Falls

The bliss-pool water at the bottom is varnish clear but also freezing cold.

Vibram Merrel Shoes

For the best experience as you reach for the falls, wear some really nice sporty shoes(like mine:) Surely nobody would like climbing hills and crossing bridges with ‘sharp-shooters’ or high heels.. To avoid getting dehydrated, carry a bottle of water, or 2 or even 3.



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