The Best Of Nyeri Hill


The kind of sunset you’d love to watch with someone special. And if lucky you might just watch a jet pass over the hill.


The phrase ‘As beautiful as the sunset’ should be documented. Here’s all the proof you need 😉


I really love watching the sun set behind this hill-As it deeps past the Aberdare Ranges coloring the sky orange.

Epic Sunset

On this particular day, you might say that the heavens were burning and the fire pierced through beautifully over Nyeri town as the hill stood firm as always.

Nyeri Hill

This is by fa the best photo of this Hill. Everything just fits in. The orange light (color description not accurate :), the hovering clouds and the back-lit Aberdare ranges all blending in perfect fashion. African Natural Beauty.

Nyeri Hill By Day

The only daytime photo in this post. Nyeri town, Aberadre ranges, Nyeri Hill and the forest within quite clear.

Shade of Blue

Took this photo early 2014, after acquiring my dslr. I promise I’ll bring you more of sunrises.


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